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Alpha-18 Hook-Up Wires (Red)



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  • Alpha-18 Hook-Up Wires (Red)

Product Description

Furutech engineers have applied Furutech know-how and Furutech advanced technology to develop a true high end audio grade hook up wire, the Furutech α(Alpha) OCC Hook Up wire series. Also featuring α(Alpha) OCC conductor UL compliant insulation and, providing Furutech Pure Transmission in your components.

• Stranded α(Alpha) OCC conductor wire treated with Furutech’s α(Alpha) Cryogenic and Demagnetizing Process • UL compliant insulation: Special grade Flexible PVC • Conductor: 18awg (34/0.18mm)
• Max. Conductor Resistance: 21.8Ω/km
• Insulation Colors: Dark Gray, Dark Red, Green w/Yellow Stripe, White
• Overall Diameter: 2.9mm