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  • MLytic HC-100
  • MLytic HC-100

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Product Description

M-Lytic® HC

Mundorf's patented method for internal contacting allows for a very low ESR and residual inductivity.

These capacitors are designed for continuous current of up to several hundred amperes therefore they have been designed with mounting brackets if cooling elements are required.

The MLytic® HC capacitors can supply extreme peak power currents on demand. They are super quick and form the basis for a dynamic, precise bass with vibrant and clear mid/high frequencies. Even at the most extreme bass impulses, the MLytic® HC capacitor is very stable with minimal to no compression to the music reproduction. Perfectly suited for Solid State amplifiers with uncompromising power supplies.

22,000uF: Size (∅90mm x L69mm) 33,000uF: Size (∅90mm x L69mm) 47,000uF: Size (∅90mm x L98mm)