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Product Description

5-Litz-7™ Tonearm Wire (OFHC Copper)

Ultra fine 33AWG featherweight multi-strand tonearm wire consisting of high purity OFHC fine strand copper. Utilizing our V-Wound™ technique our wire is super flexible without sacrificing tensile strength. Each strand is precision twisted for a flawless smooth uniform surface free from defect or stranding anomalies. Used by some of the finest tonearm manufacturers on the market and the perfect upgrade be new or vintage tonearms.

5-Litz-7™ Specification

• Design: Proprietary V-Wound™ 33AWG
• Conductor: High Conductivity Copper (OFHC)
• 5x33AWG twisted
• Double Polyurethane Enamel, Color Coated
• Temp Res: 155°C
• Overall Diameter: 0.275mm/wire
• Features: Advanced low dielectric loss enamel flux
• Directly solder with enamel coating acting as a flux
• Moisture resistant
• Length: 1M, 2M