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CF-202(R)S2 Banana Plugs (Set of 2)


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  • CF-202(R)S2 Banana Plugs (Set of 2)

Product Description

Furutech CF-202 Carbon Fiber High End Performance Locking Banana Connectors

"One last comment has to go to the finish of the connectors … Tolerances are spot on, the stuff goes in smoothly, locks and unlocks without any undue play … There's something luxurious and silken about the Furutech connectors. Like fine Swiss watches. This stuff also routes and drapes easily. … Since it does perform to a very high standard, getting the tactile satisfaction and pride of ownership bits thrown into the bargain is worth mentioning."
-- Srajan Ebaen,

- (Alpha) pure-copper rhodium-plated center conductor
- (Alpha) nonmagnetic stainless steel body
- Beautifully finished highly damped carbon fiber and nonmagnetic stainless steel housing
- Conductor wire fixed with set screw or solder
- Max. bare wire diameter: 4awg (5mm)
- Max. wire diameter with insulation: 5.7mm
- Overall Dimensions: 15.2mm diameter x 64.2mm overall length

NOTE: Sold as set of 2