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Finale Prelude Preamp

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  • Finale Prelude Preamp
  • PRELUDE Preamplifier
  • PRELUDE Preamplifier

Product Description

Finalé Prelude Hybrid Tube Preamplifer

• Base on just one 396a tube (also takes 5670 and 2C51 ...etc)

• 4X of Gain (We prefer to have fewer gain than higher distortion), 2V Output at Nominal, 0.1% THD-X

• Perfect for low-powered and triode tube amplifiers and high-efficiency speaker system that does not need a lot of gain and drive, In return of the most organic/analog/quality music play back - less gain/less parts/less tubes; LESS phase shift and signal changes too!

• Tube regulated, by the powerful 12BH7, or the 12Au7 * the more powerful 12BH7 will last longer in the pose*

• Tube rectified, by a small peanut type 6Z4 rectifier tube, which is a 7 pin miniature tube that is affordable and reliable

• The power supply uses AC coupling (and is quiet enough to score a better than 90 db S/N Ratio, which was tested with an older Western Electric 396a), which, to us, is more superior in musicality than the absolute quieter DC coupling. Other than a good power supply design, our quality Canadian-made power transformer that is made and tested to the highest electrical safety standards. An input filtering choke is in place, this is why even when we heat it with AC, it is still quiet enough.

WARRANTY : • 2 Years Transferable on Parts and Labour