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FP-Alpha 3 Power Cord Wires


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FP-Alpha 3

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Product Description

The FP-α3 Power Cable is a 12awg High End AC power cable using the highest quality OCC copper conductors available in the market. If your system demands for the best then the FP-α3 AC power cable is the only choice. This cable will open up your system without any restrictions or choking of notes. Air, Speed, Impact with delicacy is what you will expect from the FP-α3 AC Power Cable. The FP-α3 is Furutech's best selling AC Power Cord only because they have been making cables for over 20 YEARS!
The α(Alpha) OCC Conductor wire strands are treated with the Furutech's α(Alpha) process - Deep cryogenic and demagnetization of all metal parts

• Conductor: Fine α(Alpha)-OCC Conductor (49X0.32mm) 12AWG
• Insulation: Foam Irradiated Polyethylene (Red, Natural, Yellow)
• Twisting: 3 Cores Twisted Together
• Jacket: Flexible Pb Free PVC (Dark Green)
• Max. Conductor Resistance: 5.2 Ω/KM
• Overall Diameter: 15 mm