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The Fusion MK2 Pure Silver/PCOCC Copper Hybrid

The Fusion is the perfect synergy between pure silver and OCC copper. By engineering and developing a cable that integrates both we are able to offer a cable that really shines and brings out the best in tube-based components. Silverï¾’s ability to bring out the energy and vibrancy of classical instruments and OCC copperï¾’s ability to bring out the depth and dynamic range of the performance be it classical music, jazz or acoustic. The construction consists of a twisted pair of hybrid strand pure silver and tight pitch PCOCC stranded cores insulated in FEP/Tef dielectric, which are then insulted in PTFE wrap followed by a mylar shield. A 24-carrier tight pitch braid for 100% protection then follows the mylar from outside interference. Following this we jacketed the cable in 105C degree RoHS certified PVC jacket and an anti-static terephthalate(PET) monofilament sleeve.
The Fusion has an uncanny ability to bring a recording to life in an unrestrained and natural presentation true to the original performance and true to your components abilities.

• Conductor: Pure Solid Silver/PCOCC Single Crystal Copper
• Insulations: FEP/Tef dielectric, PTFE dielectric (wrap)
• Shield: Aluminum mylar with silver coated copper tight pitch braid
• Connector Male (RCA): 1877 ZRP-4 with OCC copper pin assembly in 24k gold plating
• Sleeve 1: Polyethylene terephthalate(PET) monofilament sleeve with anti-static ï¾­fiber
• Lengths: 1.5m