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Product Description

MA30 SILVER GOLD Series Speaker Kit (Excludes Boxes)

The SilverGold series comes with the most advance, latest and best sounding MCap capacitor series Mundorf has created in their plus 30 years in business – the MCap SUPREME EVO SilverGold.Oil.
It provides a further improved music performance in terms of an even more detailed staging and all the finest colors and texture of human voices and involved instruments in a warm but analytical way. Just sit in place and listen for hours to your beloved music without any loss of detail but without being distracted by any annoying, tiresome 'fuzz' either!

Frequency Range: 48Hz – 30kHz
MA30 SilverGold Kit Includes:
2 pcs. AMT19CM1.1 Tweeter
2 pcs. ACCUTON C158-8-085 Ceramic Woofer
2 pcs. Frequency-X-overs Matched Pair

Each board is populated with the following:
1pc MCap SUPEME EVO SilverGoldOil
1pcs MCap EVO SilverGoldOil
3pcs MCap EVO Oil
4pcs PBH Resistors
3pcs MCoil Copper Foil Inductor

NOTE: Not included are (Binding Post, Hook Up Wire, Dampening Material)

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