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  • LaSource-102 Male/Female (50% OFF)

Product Description

Furutech La Source 102 Short Headshell Leads

La Source Silver Headshell Leads achieve their remarkably quiet soundstage and transparent presentation with pure silver conductors, four-layer shielding and an external ground, even a specially engineered cable clamp to improve grip and avoid mechanical distortion.

La Source 102 Short Headshell Leads:
- α(Alpha) Pure Silver conductors 0.16mm x 7pc stranded wire (26 AWG)
- α(Alpha) custom phosphor bronze rhodium-plated special design terminations
- Male contact pins insulated with Teflon for complete safety
- Female Terminal Contact Reign: 1.0-1.2mm Dia. Pin - Male Terminal: 1.2mm Outside Diameter - Teflon insulation outside diameter approx. 1.0mm
- Approx 2.5±0.1mm diameter x 23.5±0.5mm overall length