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4Litz3-Ag Pure Silver

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  • 4Litz3-Ag Pure Silver
  • LITZ76Ag

Product Description

LITZ76Ag™ Tonearm Rewire (Pure Silver)

Ultra-Fine 34AWG tonearm wire constructed of 3 individually enameled Solid Core Pure Silver conductors which are which are tightly twisted using our H-Wound Litz™ technique. Our H-Wound Litz™ method involves slow feed high pitch precision twisting of each of the wires into an almost horizontal configuration. Advanced low dielectric loss enamel to reduce overall weight and eliminate static build up. Designed for the most demanding tonearms and cartridges on the market.

LITZ76Ag™ Specification

• Conductor: 99.999% Solid Pure Silver
• Ultra Sonic-7™ Cleaning process
• 34AWG (4 individual 60cm cores)
• Multi-strand high frequency Litz construction
• Double wall high abrasion resistance nylon polyurethane enamel film coating
• H-Wound ™ Horizontal slow feed tight pitch processing
• Overall diameter per core : 0.143mm
• Length: 0.6M