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MA30 Speakers Black

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  • MA30 Speakers Black

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The SilverGold series comes with the most advance, latest and best sounding Mundorf components that has been created in their plus 30 years in business.
It provides a further improved music performance in terms of an even more detailed staging and all the finest colors and texture of human voices and involved instruments in a warm but analytical way. Just sit in place and listen for hours to your beloved music without any loss of detail and without being distracted by anyannoying, tiresome 'fuzz' either!


“ From the moment the ZYX Yatra moving-coil cartridge touched vinyl, I knew this was going to be an entertaining experience. Right out of the gate, the Mundorf MA30 Anniversary SGS proved to be a well-balanced performer, the AMT driver appeared to be seamlessly mated with the Accuton ceramic woofer unit. Encouraged by what I was hearing, I pulled a wide range of music from my vinyl collection and settled in. Going over my notes, there is a remarkable consistency in my impressions regardless of the type of musical material I played.”

“I could go on and on about how much these speakers impressed me, but I think I have made my point. Speakers are a very personal choice and have the power to make or break a great home system. The Mundorf MA30 Anniversary SilverGold speakers are, to my ears, an engineering marvel. When either purchased as a kit or fully assembled, to my knowledge there are no speakers that deliver the sheer likeability, musicality, and tonality that these do at anywhere near their asking price. I would like to thank Mr. Simon Au for the opportunity to experience the Mundorf MA30 SilverGold Speakers. They are indeed a magnificent two-way monitor and a must listen if you are in the market for a stand-mount speaker.”

by Raymond Seda

Sensitivity: (2.83V / 1M) 89dB
Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohm
Frequency Range: 48Hz – 30kHz