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Product Description

The MCap® EVO Oil capacitor consists of an amazing Mundorf Evolution Winding Technology. This new winding technique is incredibly precise and uses the purest and thickest Polypropylene foils to produce this unusually narrow but tall capacitor reel. The results to this new technique allows for the following benefits over the normal dimensioning of capacitors
1) as a shorter width is required the signal path between the huge contact areas is greatly reduced, thus an extremely low equivalent series resistance/ESR is achieved.
2) in order to achieve the same capacitance the number of paralleled windings is larger than with regular caps, thus a minimized equivalent series inductivity/ESL is achieved.
These improved features introduces a more colorful and vibrant presentation with remarkable micro dynamics and transparency.
The EVO line-up are manufactured with one lead out larger than the other to allow for horizontal and vertical mounting.

The MCap EVO Oil combines the magic of the MCap EVOムs sound characteristic with the acoustic advantages of oil impregnated capacitors, smooth and full tonal richness. Furthermore, the oil version has an additional wrapping process.

Capacitance Range: 0.01uF to 100uF
Voltage Range: 350V-450V

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