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MCap Supreme Silver/Gold

By Mundorf

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  • MCap Supreme Silver/Gold
  • MCap Supreme Silver/Gold
  • MCap Supreme Silver/Gold

Product Description

The metallization of the capacitor foil for our MCap® SUPREME silver/gold consists of pure silver with a mix of 1% pure gold. Gold alters the crystalline structure of silver and improves on its very good electrical conductivity. The outstanding properties of the MCap® SUPREME
- high definition and auditory ambiance of the music playback
- are once again audibly enhanced and substantially enriched in finely nuanced timbres through the use of silver/gold.
We are convinced that with this capacitor we have once again lived up to our reputation for innovation and quality as one of the internationally leading manufacturers of audiophile components. The MCap® SUPREME silver/ gold offers speed and precision that combine harmonically with beauty and elegance.

Capacitance Range: 0.01uF to 10uF
Voltage Range: 1000V