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Pure Silver Enamel Wire 99.99% Ag (CRYO Treated)


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  • Pure Silver Enamel Wire 99.99% Ag  (CRYO Treated)
  • Pure Silver Enamel Wire 99.99% Ag  (CRYO Treated)

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Product Description

Audio Consulting Cryogenically Treated 99.999% Pure Silver Wires

Typical applications are:

Speaker wires. They provide better bass than any higher diameter. For systems above 96 dB/W/m a non twisted pair of up to 3 meters will outperform any other speaker cable.
For lower speaker efficiency you may use two or three runs per polarity.
To get a very high performance interconnect, simply twist a pair of this 0.5mm wire. You may add some shielding if you are in a non-differential mode, and that is it. It even works with digital interconnects, although we prefer to use the 0.15 mm wire in this application.
The perfect star grounding: take as many wires as you have ground connections to make. With a butane flame heater melt all of them together at one end. All connections go with one wire to this single point, which becomes the perfect star grounding.

WIRE TYPE: Cryogenically Treated 99.99% Ag Pure Silver
INSULATION: Polyesterimide Enamel
DCR: 0.085 Ohms/meter (24awg / 0.5mm); 0.95 Ohms/meter (35awg / 0.15mm)
AVAILABLE SIZES: 35awg, 24awg