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FA-αS21 Balanced OCC Copper Wires


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Product Description

FA-αS21 High End Performance Audio Cable

FA-αS21 is a highly shielded fine stranded 16awg hyper balance audio cable. This cable uses the best OCC copper available on the market.
Expect rich tonal balance and silky mid range with a very well controlled bottom end with this cable.
The α(Alpha) OCC Conductor wire strands are treated with the Furutech's α(Alpha) process - Deep cryogenic and demagnetization of all metal parts

• Conductor: α(Alpha) OCC Conductor (30pcs of 0.18mm)
• Insulation Material: Audio Grade PP (Red, White)
• Filler Material: Audio Grade Damping Cotton • Barrier Layer Material: Stabilizer Paper Tape Wrap
• Shield: 0.12mm α(Alpha) Conductor Wire Braid
• Inner Sheath: Audio Grade Flexible PVC with damping cabron particles (Black)
• Outer Sheath: Audio Grade Flexible PVC (Purple Blue)
• Overall Diameter: 9.0 mm (14 AWG)

• Max. Conductor Resistance: 24Ω/km
• Min. Insulation Resistance: <100MΩ/km
• Capacitance: 57.4pF/M at 10MHz
• Impedance: 53.22Ω at 10MHz