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FS-Alpha OCC Copper Speaker Wires


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  • FS-Alpha OCC Copper Speaker Wires

Product Description

The FS-α Speaker Cable is a 13awg High End speaker cable using the highest quality OCC copper conductors available in the market. If your system demands for the best then the FS-α speaker cable is the choice. This cable will put the orchestra into your listening space. A live performance will sound like a live performance, a kick drum will be felt. Expect only the best from this cable. Furutech has done an amazing job with designing this cable!
The α(Alpha) OCC Conductor wire strands are treated with the Furutech's α(Alpha) process - Deep cryogenic and demagnetization of all metal parts

• Conductor: Fine α(Alpha)-OCC Conductor (6X20/0.18mm)
• Insulation: Foam Irradiated Polyethylene (Red, White)
• Twisting: 2 Cores Twisted Together
• Jacket: Flexible Pb Free PVC (Purple)
• Max. Conductor Resistance: 0.0064 Ω/ M
• Capacitance: 50 pF/M @ 1KHz • Overall Diameter: 13 mm (13 AWG)