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FHD35 Headphone Wires (Discontinued Item Sale)



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  • FHD35 Headphone Wires (Discontinued Item Sale)
  • FHD35 Headphone Wires (Discontinued Item Sale)

Product Description

Introducing the Furutech FHD-35 Headphone Bulk Cable
For Intimate Listening…

Furutech's α(Alpha) OCCis one of a select few of conductors that Furutech engineers have found to excel in sound reproduction α(Alpha) OCCis madewith high-purity oxygen-free copper using a special casting process. Unlike regular OFC, almost all of the impurities of this high-purity OCC have been removed at the micron level through a special casting process unique to Furutech.
High-quality headphones are a must in the age of personal, portable electronics, but many are supplied with inferior throw-away cables. Headphone listening is an intimate experience and enthusiasts always want better sound. Furutech's FHD-35 cable accomplishes that in spectacular fashion..

Not Just Another Pretty Face
The FHD-35 is no ordinary cable; it’s engineered and produced using Furutech's Pure Transmission technology. The cable features α(Alpha) OCC conductors treated with Furutech's α(Alpha) Process -a deep cryogenic and demagnetizing process and RoHS-Compliant high grade Fluoropolymer insulation. The cable achieves extremely high noise isolation in a high grade RoHS-Compliant black sheath. The result is outstanding, wide-band, colorful and engaging sound that audiophiles and music lovers will love.

• Stranded α(Alpha) OCC conductor wire treated with Furutech’s α(Alpha) Cryogenic and Demagnetizing Process • Conductor: 19-strands of 0.1mm dia α(Alpha) OCC conductor
• Central Conductor: 1-Cotton and 3-Copper Foil-strand Special Construction
• Shield: 45-wrap 0.1mm dia. Silver Plated Alpha OFC
• Sheath: RoHS compliant Special grade Fluoropolymer
• Overall Cable Size: 3.5mm x 7.0mm