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FT-111(G) RCA Connector


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Product Description

FT-111(G) High End Performance RCA connector

The new Furutech FT-111(G) Locking Collet RCA connectors meet—and surpass—those high standards of excellence. Our engineers have examined every part of the signal and power path in order to optimize every single connection, and our extensive research has led us to the low metal mass FT-111(G). Furutech started with an Alpha pure copper one-piece conductor for designed for minimal impedance, and then added the following features:
- Non-magnetic SUS set screw construction design
- Extremely insulated POM body with non-resonant SUS housing and non-magnetic stainless steel end ring
- One piece 24K gold-plated Alpha pure copper conductors injected with POM resin for the FT-111(G)

Best of all, the FT-111 Locking Collet RCA connectors require no soldering. That means you’ll spend less time terminating and more time listening to the results. Our legendary OEM parts are known all over the world for quality construction and superb sound, so discover for yourself how the Furutech FT-111 connectors can improve the performance of your cables.


- Specified for core insulation diameters up to 10.0mm
- Housing dimensions: ∅14.0×26.5mm overall length
- Total overall length: 50.6mm approx.